​Pathé Cinema

Location: Leeuwarden

Client: Pathé Nederland

Facade: WAM architects

Phase: Construction in progress

In 2012 we started an investigation into the possibilities of realizing a cinema in the Ruiterskwartier in Leeuwarden. The Ruiterskwartier is developing into the cultural heart of Leeuwarden with the existing theatre and new pop stage. The cinema will be a welcome addition to the area.

The urban development preconditions for the integration of the cinema have been drawn up in close collaboration with the municipality. The starting point is that the building will fit into a series of large urban volumes; between the theatre De Harmonie and the court. In addition, an image quality plan has been drawn up on the basis of which the cinema has been further developed.

The program of the cinema is characterized by parts that must be closed and parts that are open/transparent. The halls, escape routes, toilets, installation areas and storage areas are closed, the entrance, shop and foyers are open. In addition, the starting point is that the route of visitors to the hall is becoming increasingly closed and vice versa more and more open. This fact has been translated into a volume consisting of an openwork monolithic mass. This mass represents the closed program of the cinema. Where the program allows, space has been created in the masses. The closed mass is hollowed out, as it were. This creates spatial relationships between the core program of the cinema, the halls and the city. The open space is separated from the outside air by means of a glass shell.

In collaboration with WAM architects, this concept has been developed into a facade design in which the brick volume from the Zaailand towards the Ruiterkwartier uses a more free design.