​Location: Meppel

Client: E.CP; Kroonenberg group

Parking margin: E.CP; Municipality Meppel

Project Management: E.CP

Renders: zes x zes

Phase: Completed

The Keyserstroom shopping centre in Meppel is located at the end of the Hoofdstraat. The complex also includes a parking garage, which serves as the source of the shopping area.
The shopping centre is struggling with a vacancy, partly as a result of the bankruptcy of department store chain Vroom en Dreesman.
The renovation concerns an upgrade of the appearance, the atmosphere of the shopping centre, and the addition of a cinema and catering to increase vitality.
By making the passage double high, spatial relationships are created that improve the experience and orientation. With the addition of an elevator and stairs, the circuit of the shopping centre will be improved. Bringing in more light through the roof will make the dark image of the entrance more inviting. The layout has been rationalized and the overall appearance has been upgraded by adapting the facades and materials.
Entrances have been added to the facade in a number of places, creating more interaction between inside and outside. A terrace will be set up on the Kruisstraat, which will increase the quality of the street. The addition of the cinema and catering industry increases the useful life throughout the day. The entrance to the shopping centre will be open longer, which is beneficial for the liveliness of the center.