​Pathé Cinema

Location: Stadscentrum Amstelveen

Client: Pathé Theaters BV

Phase: Study

​After various studies for various locations around the Stadsplein in the centre of Amstelveen, this is the sketch design for the location behind the theatre. This draft design was drawn up in consultation with the stakeholders, in particular the municipality of Amstelveen.

The city center of Amstelveen is facing major changes with the approach to the A9. This is provided with a half-sunken cross beam. This intervention is the reason for major changes in the area south of the Stadsplein. Future developments are laid down in an area vision of Wurck. The plan provides for the deepened construction of the A9, a new connection of the center to the A9, a new slow traffic connection, adjustments to the access to the Theater Garage, better connection of the bus station to the center, building of the space behind the theatre. This is the location of the Pathé cinema to which this sketch design relates. By positioning the entrance of the cinema on the Stadsplein, the culture cluster will be strengthened with P60, Theater and platform C.