​Location: Zwolle

Client: ZW.EM
Development: E.CP

Renders: EUP design

Phase: Construction completed

ZW.EM has commissioned a design for the revitalization of the southern part of the Weeshuispassage in Zwolle. The shopping area has a dated appearance and is struggling with vacancy. The passage is located in an area built in the 1960s in a current architecture with washed concrete façade elements. On either side of the passage are 2 large Hudson's Bay and C&A retail buildings. The area is also home to a catering facility with associated garden in the national monument “het Vliegerhuys”. In close collaboration with the municipality and the client, a plan has been developed in which the large urban planning volume is divided into smaller parts. This makes it more consistent with the grain of the city centre. The facades have a different architecture that matches the urban planning concept. The “base volume” has a natural stone plinth and stucco superstructure. The facade is related to the architecture of the city centre through the layered construction with false pilasters and horizontal bands. The conservatory volumes are executed in an architecture that combines openness/transparency with layering and tactility.