Bastion ll

​Location : Gorinchem

Client: Epicurus / Van Wijnen

Phase: Construction in progress

Commissioned by De G Friends VOF, we made a design for 26 homes on the Bagijnenwalstraat in Gorinchem. The original buildings were of mediocre quality and suffered from flooding due to the low construction height.
The original main urban development plan has largely been retained but adapted to make better use of the quality of the location.
On the north side, 4-storey townhouses are being created with a residential floor on the 1st floor. This program is related by means of large window openings with the resp. the Bagijnenwalstraat and the National Monument of the bastion.
The houses on the south side on Bagijnenwalstraat and Lindenboom restore the building block contour that had disappeared with the demolition of the houses.

In a number of cases, the houses are clustered, introducing a diversity of grain sizes. The urban development mass has been designed with attention to a lively contour. French balconies and frame nuance the facade surface. Various connections are applied in the masonry that further refinement the facade. Due to differences in window size and position, the facades of all houses are slightly different. The differences are quite subtle and may take time to be discovered.

The area will be as green as possible with hedges and moss sedum on the sheds. The sidewalks will be widened and the houses will be provided with a Delft sidewalk to which the kitchen diner is linked. Here people can place a sofa and flower pots to create a living atmosphere and people can meet on the street.

The gardens adjacent to the street are provided with a garden wall with open masonry that forms a kind of filter between private and public.