​Location: Leiden

Client: Pathé Theaters BV

Renderings: Soris A&V

Phase: Study

​Kopermolen is the economic and social heart of the neighbourhood. Not only is there a wide range of shops, but there are also all kinds of amenities, such as the
the health centre, church and library.
The appearance of the public space and the opportunities for meeting in the area around De Kopermolen. Greener, more modern and more fun!
The approach to shopping centre De Kopermolen and of the surrounding public space (including the Ketelmeerlaan) needs to improve this important place in the neighbourhood. It's getting greener, more modern and cosy. More possibilities are coming for a meeting, both outside and inside. Shops and neighbourhood facilities are being improved.
Besides, we are strengthening connections with surrounding neighbourhoods and functions in the plan area (community park, petting zoo, community centre). That's how it gets area around De Kopermolen a real beating heart of the Merenwijk.