​Location: Leiderdorp

Client: E.CP

Renderings: A2

Phase: Study proposal

​The shopping centre "Winkelhof" in Leiderdorp is a good running shopping centre. Free parking under the complex and the varied range of mainly daily groceries are important components. To keep the shopping centre successful there was a need for a number of internal redevelopment projects and a number of retailers have indicated that they want to be better connected to the main traffic flows.


The core of our proposal is to create a centre for Leiderdorp. By adding a program and smart (re)positioning, a square is created to function as a meeting place. The appearance will be improved by an open, lively plinth with catering facilities on the outside and an improved transition between ground level and shopping centre by creating slopes. A Pathé cinema with an open appearance towards the new city centre creates a square. A clearly recognizable entrance to the shopping centre and the redistribution of some of the shops and the catering industry creates space for a supermarket. Green design on the roof of the extension improves the view of the residents and the climate at a local level.