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Central Gardens

Location: Arnhem

Client: Van Wijnen, Epicurus Development

Renderings: A2 Studio

Phase: Initiative plan

Our addition to Arnhem’s city centre consists of a green apartment complex with commercial plinth, directly east of Arnhem Central Station.


The proposal features a multi-story apartment complex along with a commercial plinth on the ground floor, located east of Arnhem’s central station on Oude Stationsstraat.


Seeking connections

The main design is based on the preconditions as formulated in UN Studio’s urban development plan, as well as on the zoning plan. Our intention is to have the urban volume blend in with the neighbouring buildings. Here, we compensate for the difference in height at ground level by heightening the plinth. In the easterly direction, the volume will gradually decrease in height.


Prominently oriented toward the station, the resulting double-height plinth will accommodate a catering establishment. Sixty-four apartments with various layouts and sizes will occupy the upper floors.


Creating space and greenery

Creating apartments with different depths will free up space on the gallery. This way, the residents will experience a greater amount of privacy and the elongated character of the building is nuanced. In addition, the rear side of the buildings and yard fences will play an essential part in determining the atmosphere.


The roofs located next to the apartments will feature a green design. These roof gardens will provide a pleasant atmosphere and will contribute to hot spot reduction (the phenomenon of heat accumulation in inner cities). Within the roof gardens, we’ll create green “rooms” that will be allocated to part of the apartments, to function as private outdoor space.

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