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About EUP design

For us, every design task is a unique matter. In the force field of opportunities, aspirations, and challenges that every project represents, we search for the optimal solution.


Our goal is achieved when we have struck the right balance between all interests involved: those of the client, but equally those of the physical and social environment. Our aim is to create architecture that energizes, literally and figuratively—that surprises, inspires and is simultaneously self-evident.


Switching between the scales

We believe a design should not only be pleasant and functional for its users, but also for its environment. A building should be an adequate addition to the surrounding architecture, taking its location to a higher level.


From the start of the design process, we constantly switch between the different scale levels involved. Here, we look for integrated solutions. Urban structures, for instance, can reappear in architectural details. In this way, we create comprehensive solutions that meet the client’s wishes and requirements on every level, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Bright and pleasant

We are committed to creating pleasant, beautiful living spaces—inspiring buildings that bring out the best in their users. Spaces that are welcoming, full of light, and have a positive impact on daily well-being. We seek to achieve this by designing buildings that radiate openness and transparency, in both their facade and layout.


We believe that working and living in attractive, naturally lit spaces can provide a strong boost to the motivation and inspiration of the users. Daylight and views are therefore a major focus of our design process.

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Learning from the past, creating for the future

By analysing existing urban structures that function well, we seek to understand their nature and character. Valuable elements serve as inspiration for our designs.


For us, sustainable design is all about accommodating the needs of current and future generations. We do this by using sustainable materials from inexhaustible sources, supporting a circular economy.


In addition, a building must be able to undergo changes without losing its identity. This tension between temporariness and permanence is something we like to explore. We search for new possibilities that allow for flexible use and layout, but at the same time preserve the building’s essence.

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Daan van der Vlist, head architect EUP design

Daan van der Vlist

Head Architect

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