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Location: Heemskerk

Client: Dreef Beheer B.V.

Phase: Under construction

In shopping centre Europaplein, vacant shops are making way for a new supermarket and an underground car park.


The Europaplein shopping centre is located exactly on the border between the towns of Heemskerk and Beverwijk. Europaplein was built in the 1960s and has been renovated several times, with the last major renovation taking place in 1997. Over twenty years later, the shopping centre was once more in need of renovation.


Fresh, clear & simple

Prior to the renovation, many retail spaces in the shopping centre were vacant. Most of these unoccupied stores are now making way for a new 2,000 m2 supermarket and an underground car park. The car park provides additional access to the entire shopping centre and conceals the parked cars from view, making the public space a more pleasant environment.


In creating the architectural plans, we were inspired by the 1960s original design of the centre, which radiates a certain freshness, clarity, and simplicity. We aimed to translate these concepts into the entire plan.


Adding a human dimension

To nuance the urban volume, the shopping centre is divided into three volumes. Each building volume is positioned slightly differently, with its own rhythm of facade openings and open-close ratio.


Where possible, we create interaction between the interior and the public space. By positioning the tapis roulant parallel to Europalaan, the liveliness of the shopping centre is shared with its surroundings.


The roof of the arcade “floats” above the substructure, emphasizing the fabric of the building and the position of the entrances. This design element also allows for a large amount of daylight to enter through the skylights.


Moreover, the retail units will be fitted with aluminium fronts or transparent shutters, ensuring that the atmosphere in the centre remains pleasant when the stores are closed.


Texture and dynamics

The facade consists of masonry, in both horizontal and vertical directions, executed in half-brick and tile bond. Part of the facade is recessed, adding texture and dynamism. The material palette is modest but balanced, resulting in a peaceful and robust basis.


Uncluttered views

The entrance to the car park is located at the beginning of the Europalaan, close to Beneluxlaan to limit traffic movements. The car park has sixty generous parking spaces and is accessible via two tapis roulants, an elevator and a staircase. Above the entrance there is a “patio” where supermarket installations can be installed. As a result, these will be less visible and audible both from street level and from the surrounding apartments.

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