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Location: Rotterdam

Client: Epicurus Development

Phase: Study

By introducing a catering building to the Heemraadsplein square in Rotterdam, Epicurus and EUP design aim to transform this underused location into a vibrant area.


Currently, the Heemraadsplein square in the Delfshaven district lacks a clear purpose. Improving the functionality of the square is part of the revitalisation of the Nieuwe Binnenweg area, which the square borders. We drafted an initial plan for a catering facility at the square, with the aim of giving a positive impulse to the location and the surrounding neighbourhood.


The plan consists of a building in the form of a glass greenhouse with several split-level floors. This lay-out allows the building to accommodate a combination of subtly linked functions, such as a café, restaurant, and greenhouse. Surrounding the building is ample room for a leafy terrace.

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