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Location: Meppel

Client: Kroonenberg Groep, E.CP

Renderings: zes x zes

Phase: Construction completed

After department store V&D left Keyserstroom, the owner was looking for a way to revive the mall. The implementation of a cinema and restaurants breathes new life into Keyserstroom.


The Keyserstroom shopping centre in Meppel is located at the end of the town’s main street Hoofdstraat. The complex includes a car park, which acts as the main driver of the shopping area. Prior to our transformation, the shopping centre was struggling with vacancy, partly due to the bankruptcy of department store chain Vroom & Dreesman (V&D).


Creating an inviting atmosphere

Our renovation consisted of improving the appearance and atmosphere of the shopping centre. Among other things, we added a cinema and catering facilities to increase the liveliness of the location.


The height of the arcade has been doubled, as a way of creating spatial relationships that enhance the experience and orientation within the building. By adding an elevator and stairwells, the circulation of visitors within the shopping centre has been optimised.


In addition, we brought in more light through the roof, transforming the dark interior of the entrance and giving it a more inviting character. We rationalised the lay out and enhanced the overall appearance by adapting the facades and the materials used.

Vibrancy inside and out

In various places we added entrances to the facade, improving the interaction between inside and outside. To enhance the streetscape, a terrace was created on Kruisstraat. As a result of the added cinema and catering establishments, the centre is now much more vibrant throughout the day. The entrance to the shopping centre is open until later in the evening, which also contributes to the accessibility and liveliness of the location.

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