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Location: Assen

Client: ASR real estate

Phase: Implementation

Commissioned by ASR real estate, EUP design has developed a proposal for the revitalisation of the vacant V&D building located at the Koopmansplein square in the heart of Assen. Our goal is to integrate this voluminous building seamlessly with the inner city.


In consultation with the municipality, we created a design that will improve the building’s integration into the surrounding area. In addition, the facades will be heightened to better match the dimensions of the square.


We also drew up a plan for adjustments to the roof that connects the buildings at the beginning of Mercuriusstraat. By partially demolishing the roof and installing skylights with planters, we will transform the dark interior into a bright, pleasant urban space.


Creating a human dimension

The open layout of the space makes it possible to divide the V&D building into several units. As a result, the facade can be parcelled out too, creating a more human dimension and a grain better fits the urban architecture. Moreover, a diversified exterior contributes to a sense of liveliness and variety in the streetscape.

Cohesion amidst variation

The various facade sections differ, but also share similarities. For example, large glass areas at street level will provide plenty of opportunities for individual shops to display their offerings. In addition, we have incorporated frames in the facade design that bring plasticity to the surface. To ensure cohesion amidst the variation, we applied a limited range of materials.


The Jeans Center facade was completed in 2019. The construction of the remainder of the plan is still awaiting tenants.

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