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De Kopermolen

Location: Leiden

Client: Van der Vorm Vastgoed B.V.

Renderings: Soris A&V, EUP design

Phase: Final design


Green, inviting, contemporary and attractive—this is our vision for shopping centre De Kopermolen. By transforming the surrounding public spaces, we are strengthening the role of the shopping centre as the beating heart of the Merenwijk district.


De Kopermolen is a large indoor shopping centre, located in an environment where living and working blend seamlessly. As the second largest shopping area in Leiden, the shopping centre covers a floor area of approximately 10,000 m² and accommodates more than forty stores. It serves the surrounding Merenwijk district, an attractive neighbourhood mainly populated by double-income households and families.


Improving public spaces

The Kopermolen is the economic and social heart of the district. The retail mix consists of a varied combination of national, regional, and local shopkeepers. Because of this diversity, De Kopermolen is a popular place for daily shopping. Nearby the shopping centre, several other facilities are located, such as a health centre, church, and library.


With this project, EUP design focuses on enhancing the connection between the shopping centre and the surrounding public space. In addition, we are putting special effort into expanding the number of meeting places within the area. By creating smoothly flowing foot paths and a pleasant inner courtyard, a vibrant heart for the district emerges.

Expansion and connection

The project consists of expanding the shopping centre on the south side to accommodate the Lidl supermarket. This will enhance the building’s attractiveness. The expansion allows us to direct the "gaze" of the mall more outward. The entrance on the south side faces Ketelmeerlaan, thus gaining a proper address.


On the north side, we’ll strengthen the relationship with Merenpark by introducing a literal connection with the landscape. A unique residential environment consisting of tiny houses will arise on the sloping ground level.

As green as possible

The roof of the mall’s central area will be elevated and will feature a distinctive design with lots of daylight. We’re also adding plenty of mature greenery and seating elements, creating a space that will act as the heart of the shopping centre.


The arcades will be fitted with new high entrances with an expressive appearance, improving their recognisability. In the roof of the arcades, wood is combined with glass containing PV cells that will generate energy. By adding planters that rest on the columns of the shopping centre, we’ll make the roof as green as possible.


Another element of the project is the introduction of an underground parking garage. This will reduce the visual impact of parking in the public space surrounding the shopping centre and free up space for more greenery. These adjustments will help transform the shopping centre into an attractive part of the Merenwijk district.

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