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​Pathé Amstelveen

Location: Amstelveen

Client: Pathé Theatres BV

Phase: Study

Radical changes to the town’s layout are currently taking Amstelveen to a whole new level. By constructing a Pathé cinema in the heart of the city, we aim to make a valuable contribution to these developments.


After investigating various locations surrounding the Stadsplein square in the centre of Amstelveen, EUP design created a sketch design for a cinema behind the existing theatre. We developed this preliminary design in consultation with the stakeholders, in particular the municipality of Amstelveen.


Major transformations

The heart of Amstelveen is undergoing a major transformation due to the expansion of the A9 motorway. Near the city centre, the motorway will be sunk and bridged by canopies of several hundred metres wide, resulting in the creation of an entirely new area. In response to these developments, significant changes are planned in the area south of Stadsplein.


Future developments are outlined in an area vision drawn up by Wurck. The plan includes a sunken construction of the A9, a new connection of the city centre to the A9, a new route for slow traffic, adjustments to the accessibility of the Theatergarage, improved connectivity between the bus station and the city centre, and the development of the area behind the theatre.


Strengthening the cultural cluster

At this last site, our design for the Pathé cinema is to be built, with the entrances oriented towards the square. The arrival of the cinema will further strengthen the city’s existing cultural cluster, consisting of the P60 pop podium, the theatre, and the Platform C cultural centre.

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