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​Pathé Maastricht

Location: Maastricht

Client: Pathé Theaters BV

Facade: Powerhouse Company

Renderings: A2 Studio

Phase: Construction completed

Interior design: Naço Architectures

Adding elements that create a new future, while honouring the past. This is what renewal of historic city centres is all about—as well as the motto we kept in mind at every stage of developing this Pathé cinema in Maastricht.


The idea was to build a new Pathé cinema against the facade of the imposing Eiffel building in Boschstraat. This characteristic national monument was once part of the famous Sphinx factory. Together with Epicurus, EUP design took on the challenge of fitting a modern cinema into this monumental environment.


This task resulted in a remarkable and surprising building at a prominent location in the heart of Maastricht. The modern cinema features eight auditoriums and approximately 1,000 seats, along with a theatre lounge.


Ensuring visibility

In consultation with the municipality and Bureau Palmbout Urban Landscapes, we developed an urban development base for this project. We designed the shape of the building, the urban integration, and the organisation. In addition, we were responsible for the technical engineering.


Creating an appropriate sequence of functions on Boschstraat was a crucial starting point in creating the building’s main design. We also considered it essential to maintain a strong relationship between the city and the Eiffel building, wanting to ensure the monumental building’s visibility from the city centre. As a result, all auditoriums have been partially embedded into ground level.

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