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​Location: Leiderdorp

Client: E.CP

Renderings: A2

Phase: Study proposal

By introducing new meeting places in the form of catering facilities, a cinema, and a supermarket, the Winkelhof shopping centre will be able to meet the demands of its users once again—now and in the future.


Winkelhof in Leiderdorp is a thriving mall, partly due to the free parking facilities below the complex and the varied range of shops for daily needs. To maintain the success of the shopping centre, there was a need for a number of internal redevelopment projects. Several retailers, for instance, indicated that they would like to be more closely connected to the main visitor flows.


A lively hub

The core of EUP design’s proposal is to maintain and enhance the centre’s value as a lively hub for the town of Leiderdorp. By adding a programme and applying smart (re)positioning, we’ll open up space for a square that will act as a meeting place. On the square a Pathé cinema will arise, featuring an open appearance towards the new city centre.


In addition, we’ll upgrade the exterior of the shopping centre by creating an open and lively plinth with catering facilities, including a clearly recognisable entrance to the mall. The added slopes will improve the transition between ground level and the shopping centre.


By reallocating several stores and a catering facility, we’ll open up space for a new supermarket. Green design on the roof of the extension enhances the view of the surrounding residents and improves the climate at a local level.

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